You love running a business. We love social. So we used social content to spread the word with 10,000 local people every month. 


A new quick service dessert restaurant opened in 2014 with a big splash, having over 3,000 Facebook fans before ever opening the door. The entrepreneurs who started this business partnered with Do Better Social to reach as many local future customers as possible - using Facebook as a digital billboard to gain brand recognition in a small-to-midsized market.


What we’ve accomplished:



The Do Better Social team developed a social advertising strategy that would reach as many local people as possible before the opening of this new business. The business attained over 3,000 fans before opening their front door - all done in a small town of 30,000 citizens.



During the grand opening, the team created a plan to capture each new customer's email address and phone number to execute a deeper marketing strategy that would drive future purchases.



Over the last 4 years, this fruitful partnership has developed into a profit hub for these entrepreneurs. The use of push marketing (mobile, email, and social) allows the entrepreneurs to have predictable bumps in revenue.