You love making a podcast. We love social. So we used social advertising to go from #180 to #5 on the charts.


A historically top 100 ranked podcast in the religion genre was having a trouble recruiting new listeners. Through the years, Apple Podcasts, the largest distribution point for most podcasts, changed its discoverability features making it more difficult to gain new listeners organically. We partnered with this content creator to use strategically targeted social ads to drive relevant listens to the podcast.


What we’ve accomplished:



The Do Better Social team led production of the podcast content that encouraged users to listen daily, leave a review, and post about the show on social media. With the new call-to-action "content wraps" the listeners of the podcast were able to become ambassadors of growth.



The team developed the creative behind a social ad campaign that would reach over 500,000 relevant users with a message to tune into the podcast. 



After placing social ads, the podcast went from 150-180 on the charts to top 5 in the first 7-days of advertising and maintained top 10 ranking for nearly a full month before settling into its new consistent placement: 25-50. 


Our Do Better Social team has launched numerous top performing podcasts, giving organizations and influencers a voice to the millions of daily podcast listeners around the world. If you are looking to launch a podcast this year reach out to me and lets do a quick brainstorm.